Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Stylish Workout

Recently I started working out and taking different exercise classes. I have really enjoyed them and especially love to do mat pilates and easy yoga. I also do floor exercises that kill my back unless I have a mat so I decided it was time to purchase a mat. I went to a local store and picked one up. Imediatley I knew I needed some sort of bag because I knew it would be a mess trying to keep the mat rolled up. I went to many stores searching for the perfect bag. Most were cheaply made or not my taste but all of them were so expensive. I decided to call my "girl" as I fondly refer to her. Amber is my "girl" and does all of my sewing and most of monogramming. She is so amazing and is so talented. She is just great when I call her...She almost never tells me no ;) and is eager to try and make anything I dream up. Well this time I had her come up with a Yoga bag. Of course it is monogrammed and I absolutely love it! I have enjoyed it but I knew on my recent trips to the gym that I was missing something..matching monogrammed sweat towels. I know, I know! Laugh if you must but anyone who knows me is not surprised my this..or anything else I slap my monogram on. They just accept me and love me for who I am in all of my monogramming glory. Now whenever I go to the gym I have the cutest bag and fun towels!..who says sweating can't be stylish?

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  1. You are too funny Anna! That is cute by the way.