Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A few new things..

Some people get excited over games. Some get excited over travel. I get excited over SUPER FABULOUS and FUN new monogrammed items! It is like a kid at Christmas! Not only do I get excited over new stuff but I LOVE when I get a completed order for a customer. You would think it would be mine!! I get so excited and oooohh and ahhhhhh like it is the first time I have ever seen anything like it. Today I met Amber to pick up an order...and YES! there was lots of oohhing and ahhing! Not only did she have my order but she had some new stuff too!! She had used new fabrics I picked up and also created a few new things that I requested. I am so excited to show them off!! Take a look...

This was for a bride. She got all of her bridesmaids a bag, a monogrammed beach towel and fun stationery. Isn't that a great gift? Super Cute bag with name and ribbon(many bag and ribbon colors to choose from!)

I LOVE these Diaper bags! I know I posted them plain earlier but don't they just pop when you put a name or monogram on them? They come in so many colors! The brown and turquoise is super cute too!

The bag even comes with a cute gingham changing pad.

Half way through my picture uploading I decided I would hold off and show off my other goodies in an upcoming post. It will be well worth the wait!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Stylish Workout

Recently I started working out and taking different exercise classes. I have really enjoyed them and especially love to do mat pilates and easy yoga. I also do floor exercises that kill my back unless I have a mat so I decided it was time to purchase a mat. I went to a local store and picked one up. Imediatley I knew I needed some sort of bag because I knew it would be a mess trying to keep the mat rolled up. I went to many stores searching for the perfect bag. Most were cheaply made or not my taste but all of them were so expensive. I decided to call my "girl" as I fondly refer to her. Amber is my "girl" and does all of my sewing and most of monogramming. She is so amazing and is so talented. She is just great when I call her...She almost never tells me no ;) and is eager to try and make anything I dream up. Well this time I had her come up with a Yoga bag. Of course it is monogrammed and I absolutely love it! I have enjoyed it but I knew on my recent trips to the gym that I was missing something..matching monogrammed sweat towels. I know, I know! Laugh if you must but anyone who knows me is not surprised my this..or anything else I slap my monogram on. They just accept me and love me for who I am in all of my monogramming glory. Now whenever I go to the gym I have the cutest bag and fun towels!..who says sweating can't be stylish?

Personalized Decals

Don't you just love when you get fun stuff in the mail? Today I received the cutest custom decals. These decals come in all sorts of sizes and have many uses. The ones I ordered that came today were for vases, and mainly my electronics.
The decals come in any size, pattern and color imaginable. They are perfect for rooms, nurseries, glasses, electronics or just about anything. I even got one for my water bottle! They are very durable and so easy to use too! They can be removed but they cannot be reused.

These days it seems like everyone has the same computer, cell phone and all of those other handy devices. Why not make yours stand, you will always know which one is yours.

The outside of my Laptop

The inside of my Laptop

This is how they come. Super easy to use! Just peel, stick and rub to transfer.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome!..with diaper & duffel bags!

Welcome to my business blog, Paper Treats! I am new to blogging since I have only had my personal blog for month or so. I decided that a Paper Treats blog would be fun to have as well. I plan on posting new items and sales as well as etiquette tips and other fun info.

If you don't know anything about Paper Treats let me give you a little glimpse at what we are and what we do. Paper Treats is a business that I opened over a year and a half ago. I am originally from the South and now reside in the Midwest. Since I am from the South I grew up LOVING personalized items and anything paper! When I moved to ND I noticed that there was no where local to go for invitations or any fun personalized gifts so I decided to open Paper Treats.(I also wanted to feed my addiction for personalized gifts as well) I worked at a stationery store in college and fell even more in love with paper. I knew this was something that I always wanted to do.

I have a great studio in my home but I also have things displayed in a local spa. Paper Treats has anything from stationery and invitations to baby gifts and now we even have custom kids clothes. I look for fun and new things to offer my customers. I am always adding new items!

I sell my items in my local area of Fargo but I also ship as well. I have customers back home in Alabama as well as in Vegas and many other places. Until I get my website up I email my customers my products as well as send them to my facebook page for PT.

Today I got a shipment of beautiful bags! I am so happy that they finally came in! I have had back orders for diaper bags for customers for almost 2 months now. The diaper bags are finally now in-stock with my supplier so thankfully they were finally able to ship my order out. I did order a few new designs and I am so IN LOVE with them! The new damask duffel bags are a definite MUST for any age!
Take a look at these beautiful new bags..
These are the cutest diaper bags! So affordable!($32 plus personalization) They make great gifts too! They look so cute personalized. I will post pics with personalization next week.

Are these not gorgeous!?! I LOVE them all! I don't know which one I like the most!? They also come in many different colors! They are HUGE and hold so much. I have solids, dots, camo, and damask. They look even more beautiful with a name or monogram! $32 plus personalization

Just think how stylish you will be with all of these fun bags!